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Screenless air imaging products and technical description
Screenless air imaging technology is a new naked-eye 3D display technology that can stereoscopically image real objects or 3D animations in the air. The technology currently exhibits different holographic rear projection, immersive projection, phantom imaging, 3D pyramid and other 3D technologies. The image presented by the screenless air imaging system is completely free of media loading, and the image appears between the observer and the device. In the air, there is a very strong three-dimensional effect

(产品使用双目视差原理形成立体感,单当前手机多为单摄像头,因此拍摄出的画面无法完全呈现出裸眼看见的3D效果The product uses the binocular parallax principle to form a stereoscopic effect. The single current mobile phone is mostly a single camera, so the captured image cannot fully display the 3D effect seen by the naked eye)
The screenless air imaging system achieves the 3D effect of the naked eye through the parallax of both eyes. Everyone has two eyes, but the things seen by the two eyes are not exactly the same. Our brain receives the left and right eyes. After the two similar but not identical pictures have been processed, we will form a 3D perspective
二:特点介绍Feature introduction:
理论成像尺寸Theoretical imaging size:70cm*50cm
其他尺寸Other sizes:可定制customizable
2.可视角Viewable angle:100°
3.展示内容Display content:可展示实物视频或三维动画Can display live video or 3D animation
4.互动模块(需额外定制)Interactive module (additional customization required):
(1)通过固定的手势来控制控制展示物品的放大、缩小以及旋转。Controlling the magnification, reduction, and rotation of display items with fixed gestures
(2)结合实际场地,触摸某块实际区域或实际物体时,空中呈现相关的视频或3D动画Combine the actual scene, touch a certain actual area or actual object, present relevant video or 3D animation in the air
(3)其他互动需求Other interactive needs
5.用途范围Scope of use:展厅、博物馆、车站、影院、公司、景区等一切需要展示的场所Exhibition halls, museums, stations, cinemas, companies, scenic spots, etc.
6.优势Advantage:无屏空气成像技术是一种全新的展示技术,可以给到客户最直观的视觉冲击。从而激发观众的好奇心,打造场地特色,聚集人气,提升场地知名度。Screenless air imaging technology is a new display technology that gives customers the most intuitive visual impact. This will inspire the curiosity of the audience, create the characteristics of the venue, gather popularity and enhance the visibility of the venue.

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